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Be Veg, Go Green, Save our Earth

Sujan International (Pvt) Ltd.

We are a vegetarian company catering to both vegetarian and vegan community in Sri Lanka and around the world.
Our goal is to fulfill the healthy food needs of nonviolent and compassionate, with healthier Natural and highly nutritious convenient plant food of highest quality to safeguard physical health and most of all the much needed mental health,that creates thought processes, which are compassionate to produce kind words and good actions to maintain the aura of happiness around the very self of beings to recreate,the TRUE HAPPINESS that every intelligent being yearn for



නෙලූම් මල මඩ ඇසුරින් මතුව ජලයෙන් පිටතට විත්, මුලූ පරිසරයම චමත්කාරයට පත් කරනවන සුවඳින් හා හැඩයෙන් යුතු වූ ස්වභාව ධර්මයේ අසහාය නිර්මාණයකි...

නිවහල් දේශීය කෘෂි ආර්ථිකයක් ගොඩනගමු 

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